Registration for Summer 2020 opens this spring!



Camp o’ the Pines offers zip lines, swimming, water slides, archery, marksmanship, Ping-Pong, shuffleboard, tetherball, canoeing, paddleboats, fishing*, kickball, sand volleyball, and more.

*Fishing poles and other necessary equipment are provided at camp.

Two lifeguards and one cabin leader are on duty at the pool at all times. Plus, an additional lifeguard and another cabin leader are stationed specifically at the water slides.

The pool area is kept locked any time lifeguards are not on site.

On Sunday evening and Monday morning, the aquatic instructor covers pool procedures and then conducts a swim test the width of the pool (required for all campers).

Four swimmers test at a time with all three lifeguards present.

Every day at camp is packed with exciting new adventures! A typical day’s schedule includes flag raising, breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning/evening chapel, and Surprise Hour.

Each day, campers participate in crafts, archery, marksmanship, fishing, and canoeing/paddleboats. Campers get to swim/water slide each morning and afternoon, plus a night swim time at least once a week. Most activity times are 30 minutes each (swimming has a longer time slot).

Other activities scheduled throughout the week include zip lines, kickball, sand volleyball matches, and time in the Game Zone with fun activities like Ping-Pong and shuffleboard. Also, at the Sport Court, campers enjoy playing basketball and jumping rope.

Safety is always our top priority! If there’s lightning in the area, campers will participate in indoor organized activities until the weather clears and outdoor activities can resume. If there’s only a light rain and no lightning in the area, outdoor activities can continue as normal.



For transportation to camp, you can bring your child to one of four bus locations (Pensacola, Milton, Fort Walton Beach, or Panama City). To reserve bus transportation, you’ll need to fully pay for camp in advance, including spending money. In your confirmation e-mail, you’ll get the bus pick-up times and locations.

Note: Bus seating is limited! Save your child’s spot as soon as you can.

Yes, each bus driver has an assistant who helps watch campers.


Yes! But, for a smooth check-in process, we ask that you prepay all camp fees (including spending money) for your child.


Yes, as long as the parent contacts us no later than Friday noon that camp week. Let us know who your child will be riding home with, their relationship to your child, and the best phone number to contact them.


Yes, you can send letters or packages to your child for free by taking them to Pensacola Christian Academy before 10 a.m. each day (no postage required), and they will be delivered to the campers during Siesta Time in the Rec Room.

You can also mail letters or packages with postage to

Postal Service

Camp o’ the Pines

Attn. Camper’s Name

P.O. Box 18500

Pensacola, FL 32523-8500

UPS, FedEx, etc.

Camp o’ the Pines

Attn. Camper’s Name

10 Brent Lane

Pensacola, FL 32503

We recommend that all mailed letters and packages be sent the week before camp starts; otherwise mail may not arrive in time for your child to receive it during the camp week. This is especially important during the July 4th week of camp since the holiday will cause mail and package delivery to be off by one day.

Because some campers have allergies, please do not send flowers or edible arrangements to camp.

Yes! We recommend giving your child a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Or your child can purchase stamps at the Camp Store.

In the spirit of traditional camping, Camp o’ the Pines encourages campers to unplug from cellphones and get fully immersed in camp activities. Of course, in case of an emergency, the camp director always has a phone available.

From our years of camp experience, we can attest that seeing parents during the week often makes a camper homesick. For that reason we discourage parents from visiting during the week. If you still choose to visit, and your camper ends up going home with you, please remember that you won’t be refunded for the cost of the camp week.

If your visit is simply to drop something off for your camper, we’d recommend dropping it off with the camp director at the Rec Room office and let the camp director deliver the item to your camper. For your convenience, you may also drop off items at Pensacola Christian Academy before 10 a.m. each day and they will be delivered to them that same day.



Yes! Campers can request one cabinmate who is the same birth gender and the same age (or one year difference).

Both children must request each other on the camp registration form.

Note: Please make only one cabinmate request per camper.

The maximum limit per cabin is eighteen.


If you want to see Camp o’ the Pines beforehand, we recommend visiting during check-in of the first week and then registering your child for one of the later weeks of camp. Or, you can take an interactive tour of camp to see what it’s like today!

Camp o’ the Pines takes place on a gated property. Our camp leaders supervise and interact with campers at every game, activity, meal, and service. They also stay in the cabins and are available to meet campers’ needs throughout camp.

Camp property is secured during the week for camper safety. Parents who come to camp during the week to pick up their camper for appointments or other activities must use the call button at the gate to request entry.


Once registration opens in the spring, you’ll find a “Register” option in the menu at the top of the homepage. After you register online, you’ll be given a registration number for making supplemental payments for your camper later. You’ll also receive this number in a verification e-mail.

If you don’t receive this e-mail or your registration number, your registration was not submitted successfully. Please go back to the “Register” page and fill out a complete registration to save your camper’s spot!

Yes, campers can attend multiple weeks. However, since they cannot stay over the weekend, someone should pick them up at the end of the first week and drop them off at the beginning of the second week.

A parent, relative, or family friend, who is willing to pick up your child in case of an emergency, must be within a three-hour drive of Pensacola during the entire week of camp.

Lost and found items are taken to Pensacola Christian Academy. You may stop by the front desk there to inquire about the lost item, or call the Academy at (850) 478-8496, ext. 5001, to make arrangements for having the item mailed to you.

How young can my child be to attend camp?

Children must be at least eight years old when coming to camp. Campers who turn eight on the Sunday check-in day for the desired week of camp may attend. Children who do not turn eight until the Monday of the desired week of camp are too young to attend camp that week.

How old can my child be to attend camp?

Children must be twelve years old or younger when coming to camp. Campers who are twelve on the Sunday check-in day for the desired week of camp may attend that particular week, even if they turn thirteen later that week.

You can check the complete list of what to bring. Also, once the registration process is complete, you will receive a confirmation letter that includes a checklist of things to bring.


Make sure to pack enough clothes for the entire week, since there aren’t any laundry facilities at camp.


A Medical Release form needs to be completed by both you and your child’s healthcare professional and submitted prior to camp. All routine or as-needed prescription or over-the-counter medications, vitamins/supplements, and essential oils brought to camp must be listed on this form.


Your child may bring non-refrigerated snacks from home in sealed packages/containers. But because of food allergies and other medical issues, your child’s food may not be shared with other campers.

Spending Money

We recommend $20–$30 for buying snacks, camp T-shirts, craft projects, or souvenirs. On the first day of camp, campers will get electronic money cards with their names on them. Campers can load cash onto this card to make purchases. Or, when you drop off your child at camp, you can add money to the card then. Money left on cards may be refunded at the end of the week.

If you want to use express check-in or bus transportation for your child, the money card and any remaining camp balance must be fully paid by Tuesday the week before your child’s camp week. When you prepay for your child’s money card, the amount will be on the card and ready to use when camp begins.

In the spirit of traditional camping, we ask that no electronic media devices (including tablets, smart watches, etc.) or cell phones be brought to camp. Campers may bring cameras not part of another electronic device.

Because of food allergies and other medical issues, any food to be shared with campers (including birthday cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candy, etc.) should not be brought or sent to camp.

To prevent items from being broken, lost, or becoming a hazard to other campers, the following items should not be brought to camp: toys, games, Legos, trading cards, playing cards, etc. Campers may bring one stuffed animal.

No weapons or fireworks of any kind should be brought to camp. This includes pocket knives, files, scissors, other sharp objects, matches, lighters, sparklers, firecrackers, etc.

No item intended for selling may be brought to camp.

Girls who are 11–12 years old should not wear short shorts, halter tops, or strapless tops or dresses.

Boys are not to wear jewelry, including earrings.

For safety reasons, Heelys or other shoes with wheels are not to be worn at camp.

Because some campers have food allergies and other medical issues, no food for sharing should be brought or sent to camp.

Because some campers have allergies or are afraid of animals, we ask that no pets be brought to camp.

If an opening becomes available for your child, we’ll contact you to make sure your child still wants to attend camp. Then, we’ll charge your card and confirm availability for bus transportation if you had selected that option.


Yes, the form is required for all campers bringing routine or as-needed prescription medication, over-the-counter (OTC) medication, vitamins/supplements, or essential oils.

For safety, all camper medications are kept in the nurse’s cabin, except for emergency medications (Epi-pens, inhalers, etc.) that stay with your camper in the cabin.

The Medical Release form must be received in our office before your child’s camp week starts. We will need to review this form to make sure we can safely accommodate your camper’s needs. Then, we’ll finalize your registration, process payment, and send your confirmation e-mail.

Please have the camper’s medications in the original containers, place the containers in a clear, resealable bag with the camper’s name clearly noted, and hand the medication to the camp nurse, who will be stationed in the Rec Room during camp check-in.

If your camper is registered to ride a bus, please have their medications in the original containers, place the containers in a clear, resealable bag with the camper’s name clearly noted, and hand the medication to the bus helper before your camper gets onto the bus.

Yes, emergency Epi-pens and rescue inhalers will be carried by the cabin leaders and will be kept with your child at all times.

Because there are not refrigerators in the cabins, we recommend sending non-refrigerated items with your child (e.g., pudding) for medication that must be mixed with food.

The camp nurse has a small refrigerator specifically for storing medication that needs to remain cold.

The camp nurse administers medication in The Skillet at each meal. Any other time during the day that a camper needs medication they must walk to the nurse’s cabin. The camp nurse is not able to administer medicine in the middle of the night or before campers head to The Skillet for breakfast.

Camp is approximately 45 minutes from the nearest hospital.

Yes, a Medical Release form signed by a healthcare professional is required for a current medical condition even if your child is not currently taking medication.

Camp o’ the Pines is not a nut/peanut-free camp. Campers must know what foods they need to avoid and be able to read labels to know what they can and cannot eat.

Camp o’ the Pines is not a gluten-free camp. However, because hamburgers/hotdogs do not come preassembled, the meat does not typically touch the bread until the campers put the bun on it themselves.

Camp o’ the Pines is not a dye-free camp.

Yes, you’ll be contacted if there’s any type of medical situation involving your child.

If a camper’s medication is left at camp, it will be held for one week and then disposed of if not claimed.

To check if your camper’s medication was left at camp, please call (850) 479-6555.