Camp dates for 2019 are June 16–21 · June 23–28 · June 30–July 5 · July 7–12 · July 14–19.

Camp o' the Pines

Camp Leaders

Summer after summer, many camp leaders return to Camp o’ the Pines to serve. They love seeing campers’ faces after they ride the zip line for the first time, praying with campers as they make life-changing decisions, or leading their team in a victory cheer at game time. Their goal is for every camper to stay safe, grow in Christ, and have a fantastic week full of memories.

At the beginning of the week, campers are assigned to cabins. Each cabin leader stays with their campers in the cabin and at all meals, activities, and services to assure a camp experience that’s both safe and fun.

Each leader is experienced with children and is carefully trained for the responsibility. Just as importantly, they care for their campers as a group and as individuals.

During training, the college-age and adult camp leaders learn how to supervise camp activities and work with campers of different ages. They pray for their future campers and are shown how to answer spiritual questions at a child’s level. They learn procedures to keep each day at camp running smoothly, how to respond if there’s an accident or emergency, and even little details like what to do if it starts raining.

A registered nurse is always available to treat scrapes and bruises, administer medicine, and care for campers’ health needs any time (day or night). Certified lifeguards carefully watch over the pool, and lake personnel are hands-on supervisors at all lake activities. The nurse and lifeguards are CPR certified.