Camp dates for 2018 are June 17–23 · June 24–30 · July 1–7 · July 8–14 · July 15–21 .
Online application will be available in the spring of 2018.
Dates and prices are subject to change.

Camp o' the Pines


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Can my child attend multiple weeks of Camp?

Yes, your child can attend multiple weeks. However, since he cannot stay over the weekend, someone should pick him/her up at the end of the first week and drop him/her off at the beginning of the second week.

Do we have to live in the Pensacola area for our child to attend?

A parent, relative, or family friend must be within a three-hour’s drive of Pensacola during the entire week of camp.

How do I get my child’s lost item from Camp o’ the Pines?

Lost and found items are taken to Pensacola Christian Academy. You may stop by the front desk there to inquire about the lost item, or call the Academy at (850) 478-8496, ext. 5001, to make arrangements for having the item mailed to you.


How do we get transportation to Camp o’ the Pines?
Children can be brought to one of four bus locations to be taken to camp. Those locations are in Pensacola, Milton, Ft. Walton Beach, and Panama City. Pick-up times and locations will be given on your confirmation. Please note that if your child will be riding the bus to camp, full payment, including spending money, must be paid in full by the Tuesday before camp. (Bus seating is limited and reserved in the order that full payment, including money card, is received.) If you will be bringing your child by car, click here for directions.

Is there another adult on the bus watching children, besides the bus driver?
Yes, each bus driver has an assistant who helps watch campers.

What are the age requirements for my child to attend camp?

How YOUNG can my child be to attend camp?
Your child must be at least eight years old when he comes to camp. If your child turns eight on the Sunday check-in day for his desired week of camp, he may attend. If your child does not turn eight until the Monday of his desired week of camp, then he is too young to attend that week.

How OLD can my child be to attend camp?
Your child must be twelve years old or younger to attend camp. If he is twelve on the Sunday check-in day for his desired week of camp but turns thirteen later in the week, he may attend that particular week of camp.

What does my child need to bring?

You can check the complete list of what to bring. Once the sign-up process is complete, you will receive a confirmation letter that also includes a checklist of things to bring.

Enough Play Clothes
Since there are no laundry facilities at camp, children should bring enough clothing for the entire week.

There is an Authorization for Administration of Medicine Form PDF that you and your doctor must complete and give to the camp nurse along with any prescription medicine on the first day of camp. This form must also be completed for any over-the-counter medicines your child needs that are not listed on the Authorization for Over-the-Counter Medicine Form. For OTC meds such as Tylenol, Tums, Benadryl, Ibuprofen, and swimmer’s ear drops, fill out an Authorization for Over-the-Counter Medicine Form so the nurse can administer them. If your child is attending multiple weeks, we will keep the form on file for each week.

Snacks from home are permitted but must be in sealed packages/containers.

Spending Money
We recommend $20–$30, since campers can buy snacks, camp T-shirts, craft projects, and souvenir items. Instead of carrying cash, each camper will receive an electronic money card with his name on it on the first day of camp. Spending money can then be loaded onto the card to make purchases.

If you have prepaid for your child’s money card, the amount will already be on the card and ready to use. If you want to take advantage of express check-in or your child is riding the bus to camp, his money card and remaining camp balance must be paid in full by the Tuesday of the week before he is attending. Otherwise, you may pay the amount when dropping off your child, and the money will be added then.



Can my child request to share a cabin with a friend?
Yes, he may request a cabin mate who is the same age or one year difference, since cabins are assigned by age group. Both children must request each other on the space provided on their sign-up form. Only one cabin mate request per camper will be honored.

How many children are in each cabin?
The maximum limit per cabin is eighteen.

Can I see the camp before registering my child?

Sunday check-in is the only time to preview the camp. We recommend you visit during check-in of the first week, and then register your child for one of the later weeks of camp.


What activities can my child participate in?

Camp o’ the Pines offers zip lines, swimming, water slides, archery, marksmanship, Ping-Pong, shuffleboard, tetherball, canoeing, paddleboats, fishing*, kickball, sand volleyball, and more.

*Fishing poles and other necessary equipment are provided at camp.

How many lifeguards are at the pool?

Two lifeguards and two cabin leaders are on duty at the pool at all times, including an additional lifeguard and cabin leader at the water slides. The pool area is kept locked any time lifeguards are not on site.

How are swim tests performed?

On Sunday evening and Monday morning, the aquatic instructor covers pool procedures and then conducts a swim test the width of the pool (required for all campers). Four swimmers test at a time with all three lifeguards present.

What is a typical day like at Camp o’ the Pines?

Each day’s schedule includes flag raising, breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning/evening chapel, and Surprise Hour.

The campers also swim/water slide each morning and afternoon, as well as enjoy a night swim time at least once during the week. Other daily activities are crafts, archery, marksmanship, fishing, and canoeing/paddleboats.

On an alternating basis, campers have time in the Game Zone, which includes ping-pong and shuffleboard. At the Sport Court, older campers enjoy basketball and jumping rope. Campers play kickball on certain days, and the sand volleyball court hosts daytime and evening matches. Campers also get to ride the zip lines on alternating days.

Most daily activities are thirty minutes, except for swimming times, which are longer.


Can I mail a letter to my child while at Camp?

Yes, you can send letters to your child for free by taking them to Pensacola Christian Academy before 10 a.m. each day (no postage required), and they will be delivered to the campers during Siesta Time in the Rec Room. You can also mail letters or packages with postage to:

Camp o’ the Pines
Attn. Camper’s Name
P.O. Box 18500
Pensacola, FL 32523-8500

We recommend that all mailed letters and packages be sent the week before camp starts, otherwise mail may not arrive in time for your child to receive it during the camp week.

Can my child mail a letter to me from Camp?

Yes, though we recommend sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your child. Otherwise, your child can purchase stamps at the Camp Store.

Can my child call me while he is at camp?

There has not been a phone available for campers’ use since the beginning of camp many years ago. Campers at this age tend to get homesick after talking with parents, and then the parents have to come get their children. Usually by the time the parents arrive, the children are busy and having a good time. In case of an emergency, the camp director has a phone available.

Can I visit my child during camp?

You may check in with the camp director at the Rec Room office to leave something for your child. However, we encourage parents not to visit their child during the week. Overnight camp is a unique environment where children experience a week away from home and their parents—sometimes for the first time. If you visit, you may make your child homesick. If this does happen, your child can go home with you, but you won’t be refunded for your child’s week of camp—plus they’ll miss out on the rest of the week’s fun.